aneatocliAneatocli is a command line interface for pybotvacMiquel Lionel2 yearssummarylogtree
cr10s-pro-fr_dwinsetLes menus de l'imprimante 3D CR-10S Pro traduits en Français.Miquel Lionel3 yearssummarylogtree
gpigeonAllow non GPG users to send you encrypted mails via a one time message form.Miquel Lionel8 monthssummarylogtree
honk-hg_aurGit repo of the 'honk-hg' package in the Arch User RepositoryMiquel Lionel20 monthssummarylogtree
honk_aurGit repo of the 'honk' package in the Arch User RepositoryMiquel Lionel7 dayssummarylogtree
honk_customMy customization/patches for the honk Acvitity Pub server.Miquel Lionel2 yearssummarylogtree
kdeltachatPersonal branch for kdeltachat with some added functionnalities.Miquel Lionel23 monthssummarylogtree
librebootfrFrench translation of the Libreboot project.Miquel Lionel3 yearssummarylogtree
nfsn_authncleanup_hooksCertbot auth and cleanup hooks for dns challenge on registr...Miquel Lionel3 yearssummarylogtree
nfsp_dnslinkPerl script for setting DNSLink TXT record for a NearlyFreeSpeech domain.Miquel Lionel20 monthssummarylogtree 'pass' utility partially ported to Windows NT.Miquel Lionel2 yearssummarylogtree
randopitonsGet trace files for hitchiking from Lionel3 yearssummarylogtree
samsung-ssd-fwupdateA script to ease updating Samsung SSD firmware on Linux.Miquel Lionelsummarylogtree
tutogpgFrench translated GPG tutorial from Alex Cabal.Miquel Lionel3 yearssummarylogtree
xidel_chocolateyXidel chocolatey package meta filesMiquel Lionel3 yearssummarylogtree
xmpp_guide_filesFiles for the XMPP+conversejs guide.Miquel Lionel2 yearssummarylogtree
ytagslurpextract tags from a youtube video.Miquel Lionel17 monthssummarylogtree