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Custom html templates and patches for the honk federated ActivityPub server. These are mainly related to the UX, but patching of the Go files might happen if I feel the need.

How to use

If you are already using Honk, backup your blob.db, honk.db and local.css. For example, if you want prepare the source with the rss patch:

make rsstitle

This will download the source tarball if not already done, untar it and patch the source with the rsstitle.patch. The patches are useable outside the Makefile. You just have to make sure to put them in the root of the cloned honk repo or untarred source.

The make rsstitle install will :

  • download the tarballed source if not already done
  • apply the rsstitle patch
  • compile honk
  • copy manuals to the relevant sections in /usr/share/man
  • copy html template to /usr/share/honk
  • create the honk user and group if not existing
  • create a systemd service if SYSTEMD=1 is defined in the Makefile
  • initialize the honk database if not existing at /usr/share/honk/honk.db


i18n.patch : Translation of the honk user interface

  • Adds an option to switch language, cookie-based (defaults to eng)
  • Can also switch it in account settings

The patches i18n.patch works in the latest honk release, 0.9.6, and latest hg changeset of honk, f74b9ce19463.

The translated strings are contained in the i18n.go and i18n_views/honkpage.js files. Contact me if you need help to add translations or notify me for problems, suggestions or improvements.

To apply:

make i18n

rsstitle.patch : More descriptive RSS title and description

Before the patch, the title and description of an user RSS Feed is like this:

  • title : yourhandle honk
  • description: yourhandle honk rss

After the patch:

  • title: @yourhandle - honking from honk.club
  • description: Honks from yourhandle@honk.club

I find it clearer.

To apply:

make rsstitle

altnavbar.patch (and the i18n version): honking faster with less clicks

You need to shitpost fast ? Look no further, this will add a floating navigation bar at the page's top with link to: - /newhonk - /front - /home - /xzone - /@me - /u/yourhandle (so your can see your own honks) - /account

The altnavbar_i18n.patch is the same, but the labels are i18n'd.

To apply:

make altnavbar # or i18naltnavbar


A video of the i18n module and the navbar patch here